About linux

Windows is a proprietary operating system which is running on many computers in the world. Now-a-days open-source operating systems are also being used widely even by normal (non-geeky) users.
Windows requires a lot of maintenance: You must clean up your drive, defragment it, and update your windows and the most irritating part: updating your anti-virus and running scans for viruses regularly. And let’s not forget clean your registry and defragment it too! Even though a lot of maintenance is required most users still prefer using windows (and most of them are home users who play games and do some work in ‘office’.
Now let’s take a look on Linux:
Linux was originally developed from UNIX. In 1991 Linus Torvalds, a university student from Finland called the users from internet to collaborate for building an ‘open source’ operating system. In 1994, the version ‘1.0’ was released. Linux is now used in many PDA’s, watches, Pc’s, consumer electronics, servers and supercomputers. Linux is technically an OS kernel. Some communities are now developing and releasing Linux in the form of various distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora,Redhat,linux mandrake, Linux mint etc. these distributions come with a variety of utilities, desktop shells, networking suites, file systems.
The upside of Linux is that it is open source. Linux is said to be virus-proof but some Linux viruses exist. But they can’t harm your computer if you keep your Linux patched by updating it. You don’t need to defragment it because it uses more advanced ext4 file system. You can still install an antivirus in your Linux to scan your windows drives so that you can prevent yourself from spreading viruses (they can’t harm your computer but you might spread viruses by sharing infected files!). Linux is customizable to a large extent and now it is developing really fast and finally it’s free!


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