Power saving in ubuntu


TLP is a powersaver for ubuntu just like jupiter.
 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linrunner/tlp
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tlp tlp-rdw smartmontools ethtool 
 sudo apt-get install tp-smapi-dkms acpi-call-tools tlp tlp-rdw smartmontools ethtool

Open a terminal and set your options according to your needs.
Here is a list of commands you can use with tlp:

start : Initialize tlp and apply settings according to the actual power

bat Apply settings for battery power source.

true Same as bat (this command is called when power source changes to

ac Apply settings for ac power source.

false Same as ac (this command is called when power source changes to

usb Enable autosuspend for all usb devices, except blacklisted ones. 
       bayoff Turn  off  optical  drive  in drive bay (or ThinkPad UltrayBay).
The drive may be reenabled by pulling the eject lever or pushing
the media eject button on newer models.

setcharge [START_CHARGE STOP_CHARGE [BAT0|BAT1]] (ThinkPads only)
Set charge thresholds of main (BAT0) or Ultrabay (BAT1) battery
temporarily. Values must be between 1 and 100, Stop > Start + 3.
Configured thresholds are restored upon next system start. When
called without arguments, configured thresholds are set.

fullcharge [BAT0|BAT1] (ThinkPads only)
Set charge thresholds of main (BAT0) or Ultrabay (BAT1) battery
to factory preset (96/100) temporarily (causing a full charge).
Configured thresholds are restored upon next system start.

chargeonce [BAT0|BAT1] (ThinkPads only)
Charge main (BAT0) or Ultrabay (BAT1) battery to upper charge
threshold once (bypassing lower threshold). Configured thresh‐
olds are restored upon next system start.
 discharge [BAT0|BAT1] (ThinkPads only)
Force complete discharge of main (BAT0) or Ultrabay (BAT1) bat‐

recalibrate [BAT0|BAT1] (ThinkPads only)
Battery recalibration: completely discharge main (BAT0) or
Ultrabay (BAT1) battery and recharge to 100%.

stat Same as tlp-stat.

diskid Show disk ids for configuration.
Jupiter is a power saving tool for ubuntu. Jupiter has three power savingmodes

Jupiter is a light weight power and hardware control applet for Linux. It is designed to improve battery life of a portable Linux computer by integrating with the operating system and changing parameters of the computer based on battery or powered connection.

Additionally, Jupiter provides quick access to some of the commonly needed hardware controls like screen output and resolution, WIFI, and bluetooth.

If you use Linux on a portable computer, let Jupiter take the effort out of going mobile.


  • Automatically adjusts CPU mode for AC or battery
  • Automatically tunes the kernel for AC or battery
  • Automatically tunes hardware for AC or battery
  • Supports Asus Super Hybrid Engine (SHE)
  • Remembers and applies last selected configuration
  • Fast and efficient, low resource utilization
  • Easily Customizable
Maximum performance,power on demand and power saving.
It is really useful application.
You can install it following these steps:
Open a terminal and type the following commands:

 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/jupiter
 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install jupiter
For the cooling part I also recommend using powertop. Install it by:
sudo apt-get install powertop
Then run the app like sudo powertop and go to the last TAB that has a column (The first column actually) that says BAD or GOOD. Go to all the ones that say BAD and start pressing SPACE to improve/fix them so they help in generating less heat and less power usage.


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