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About open-source

Open-source: We are seeing this word here and there on the internet. So, what is open-source? Open source movement is a large movement of programmers and computer users that gives unrestricted access to the ‘source code’ of the software. Now, what is source code? Source code is the set of instructions given to the computer. All the programs are written in a programming language to perform a specific task. For example, let’s take a look at a simple code in the ‘C’ language: #include<stdio.h>


Void main()


Printf(“hi,how are you?”);

If you run this code you will see the text “hi, how are you?” on your screen. So, the task of this code is to print the given text.
Now coming back to open source the biggest strength of open source has been that it is free. Also, it has the advantage of peer-review and sustained innovation in software. People improve it, adapt it and fix the bugs themselves at astonishing speed. Most of us know about Linux but there are more open-sour…

Using internet explorer in Ubuntu

Internet explorer- the default browser used in Microsoft windows is some times necessary in ubuntu also when you need to visit a site which requires internet explorer.

Well here is a remedy for you!
Although it is not a full replacement for internet explorer you can make firefox to behave as if it is internet explorer.
You can edit the configuration to make this possible.But why take the risk? Let's go in the easy way.
There is an add on for firefox called user agent switcher. You can use it to make firefox to behave(not look) like internet explorer.This add-on is also available for chrome.
The User Agent Switcher extension adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of a browser.
Search for it in google or the firefox addon website and amp up your firefox.

The extension does not render web pages in the same way as the selected one. User-Agent Changer is primarily for developers who want to test how a page responds to different browsers. Switching User-Agent may also be …

Image editing in Ubuntu

GIMP is an alternative to photoshop (not completely but to a large extent).   GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It  is  used  to  edit  and manipulate  images. It can load and save a variety of image formats and can be used to convert between formats.
GIMP can also be used as a paint program. It features a set of  drawing and  painting  tools  such as airbrush, clone, pencil, and paint brush.
       Painting and drawing tools can be applied to an image with a variety of paint modes.  It also offers an extensive array of selection tools like rectangle, ellipse, fuzzy select, bezier select, intelligent  scissors, and select by color.

       GIMP  offers  a  variety  of  plug-ins  that perform a variety of image
       manipulations.  Examples include bumpmap, edge detect,  gaussian  blur,
       and  many  others.  In  addition,  GIMP has several scripting extension
       which allow for advanced non-interactive  processing  and  creation  of
Each task requires a diffe…

Crashing your system!

Do not run this command unless you are prepared for a system crash!This command is called as a forkbomb. Only type this in a terminal if you are prepared for a crash. It's better to try it in a virtual machine: :(){ :|: & };::() defines a function called :{:|: &};means run the function : and send its output to the : function again and run that in the background.
This function will run again and again until you run out of system resources and this forces your computer to restart.

PDF editors -A past thing

There is an extension called PDF import for libre office.Using it you can edit PDF documents in libre office writer.

Installation:You can install it from the software-center by searching for pdfimport. OR You can install it from the terminal by typing sudo apt-get install libreoffice-pdfimport Remember you need Libre-office installed to use this extension. :) Also there is a similar extension for open office too. You can install it by searching the same as above in software-center  OR  install it from the terminal by typing sudo apt-get install

Darktable digital photography

darktable is a digital photography workflow application for Linux and
Mac OS X in the lines of Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture.

The application is designed to ease editing and consistent processing
of large photo sessions and provides a easy to use digital light-table
and a set of sophisticated postprocessing tools.

Most processing is done in 32-bit floating point per channel mode in
device independent CIE L*a*b* color space. darktable is also fully
color managed, which gives you full control over the look of the

The application relies on a modern plug-in architecture thus making it
easy for 3rd party developers to extend the existing capabilities of
the application. All light-table and darkroom features are implemented
as plug-ins, so you can create your plug-ins reusing existing code.
FEATURES:darktable runs on GNU/Linux / GNOME, Mac OS X / macports and Solaris 11 / GNOME.Fully non-destructive editing.All darktable core functions operate on 4x32-bit floating point pixel buffers, enabl…

Monitor your PC temperature in ubuntu


Docking your ubuntu

Cairo-dock  is a pretty, light and convenient interface to your desktop, able to replace advantageously you

Eye candy for Ubuntu

INSTALLING GNOME SHELL IN UBUNTUUbuntu has introduced unity as the desktop manager. But there are variety of options for desktop managers in Ubuntu. One of them is the gnome-shell. 


GNOME Shell is the "official" shell developed for GNOME 3 by GNOME.
 GNOME  Shell  provides  core  user  interface functions for the GNOME 3
 desktop, like switching to windows and  launching  applications.  GNOME
 Shell  takes  advantage of the capabilities of modern graphics hardware
 and introduces innovative user interface concepts to provide a visually
 attractive and easy to use experience.

Installing gnome-shell:In 11.10 onwards, GNOME Shell is  installable from the official repositories.You can find it in the Ubuntu Software Center, or
to install from a terminal type
sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

Now you can try it by pressing ALT+F2  and entering gnome-shell --replace

        INSTALLING XFCE IN UBUNTUXfce is a lightweight desktop environment for UNIX-like operating system…

Power saving in ubuntu

OverviewTLP is a powersaver for ubuntu just like jupiter.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linrunner/tlp
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install tlp tlp-rdw smartmontools ethtool OR sudo apt-get install tp-smapi-dkms acpi-call-tools tlp tlp-rdw smartmontools ethtool

Commands:Open a terminal and set your options according to your needs.Here is a list of commands you can use with tlp:
start : Initialize tlp and apply settings according to the actual power

bat Apply settings for battery power source.

true Same as bat (this command is called when power source changes to

ac Apply settings for ac power source.

false Same as ac (this command is called when power source changes to

usb Enable autosuspend for all usb devices, except blacklisted ones. bayoff Turn off optical drive in drive bay (or ThinkPad UltrayBay).
The drive may be reenabled by pulling the eject lever or pushing
the media eject butt…

Cleaning up ubuntu

Ubuntu and other flavors of Linux don't really need cleaning up as you might do in Windows. Over time, of course, you might accumulate things on your computer that you might not wish to keep - old documents, no-longer-used programs, etc. - but there is nothing really akin to the Windows registry that simply builds up clutter that slows your computer. The old stuff you save won't slow down your computer: it will probably run as fast a year from now as it does today.
To clean some packages laying around
sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt-get clean
sudo apt-get autoclean
But you can do the following to clean up your computer:
Installing ubuntu tweak:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/next
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak
and then run ubuntu-tweak and there is an option called Janitor which is used for cleaning as seen in the picture:


BleachBit  deletes unnecessary files to free valuable disk space, maintain privacy, and remove junk. Rid yo…