Docking your ubuntu


Cairo-dock  is a pretty, light and convenient interface to your desktop, able to replace advantageously your system panel!

 It features  multi-docks,  taskbar,  launchers  and  a  lot  of  useful applets.
 Applets can be detached from the dock to act as desktop widgets.
 Numerous  ready-to-use  themes  are downloadable in 1 click, and can be
 easily customized at your convenience.It can use hardware acceleration    (OpenGL) to be very fast  and  low  on CPU.

 It's  recommended to install the PLUG-INS package ( cairo-dock-plug-ins) to have access  to  more  views,  dialogues  and  many  plug-ins  an applets.
 You can get it from the software--center or 
open a terminal and type:
sudo apt-get install cairo-dock
Add it to the startup items :

Cairo-dock offers plenty of interesting features and pretty effects. Find out how to improve your desktop with Cairo-Dock!
    • Control your dock with DBus you can even write applets with DBus
    • Replace Unity with Cairo-Dock
    • Cairo-Dock Session Use Cairo-Dock as a session manager (new)
    • Cairo-Dock and Gnome-Shell Cairo-Dock within Gnome-Shell (new)
    • Cairo-Dock and Unity Cairo-Dock within Ubuntu's Unity (new)
    • A complete tutorial How to customise your dock
    • Tip and Tricks If you need to customise your dock even more
    • Remove the last Gnome Panel A quick tutorial for Gnome2


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