Using internet explorer in Ubuntu

Internet explorer- the default browser used in Microsoft windows is some times necessary in ubuntu also when you need to visit a site which requires internet explorer.

Well here is a remedy for you!
Although it is not a full replacement for internet explorer you can make firefox to behave as if it is internet explorer.
You can edit the configuration to make this possible.But why take the risk? Let's go in the easy way.
There is an add on for firefox called user agent switcher. You can use it to make firefox to behave(not look) like internet explorer.This add-on is also available for chrome.
The User Agent Switcher extension adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of a browser.
Search for it in google or the firefox addon website and amp up your firefox.

The extension does not render web pages in the same way as the selected one. User-Agent Changer is primarily for developers who want to test how a page responds to different browsers. Switching User-Agent may also be used to reach certain pages that allows a particular browser.
You can change User-Agent back to default when you are done.
This extension also switches the javascript based User-Agent (navigator.userAgent)
Includes presets for iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (Samsung Galaxy, Nexus 7), Windows Mobile Phone (Nokia Lumia) and browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome etc.
Add your own User-Agents if you don´t find anything that suits your needs.

Alternatively you can install Wine which has internet explorer in it. You can install Wine by typing the following in a terminal :
sudo apt-get install wine
You can also install it from the software-center.
You can install internet explorer from winetricks.


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