Games for linux - Ceferino

Ceferino is a nice game with pretty decent graphics. It's a 2D game and it's available for ubuntu.

The game is similar to 'Super Pang'. The story of the game is like this:

The cowboy Don Ceferino lived very happily in his quiet and modest house in the countryside,but one day he read in the newspaper that aliens were kidnapping all the cows around with no exception. The aliens arrived at the farm of Don Ceferino and kidnapped his only cow. But it doesn't end here. Don Ceferino is determined to recover his precious cow. Now it's your turn to help Don Ceferino.

The controls are like this:
Left Arrow - Move Left
Right Arrow - Move Right
x - Throw a knife
z and c - Roll on the floor
Up Arrow - Climb Stairs
Down Arrow - Crouch 

The game play is like this:
You are attacked by little green balls which are bouncing around and which you have to destroy with your knife. Your knife, however, is limited to being thrown upwards, so you have to get under the balls to destroy them.
Even worse, if you destroy a large ball, it doesn't just vanish, but
breaks apart into two smaller balls. Levels consist of little platforms connected by ladders, so you can go up and down or find cover if

To install this game go to the “software-center” and search for “ceferino” and install the game. After it is installed you can find it in the dash.
One thing that I've noticed in the game is that the setting options in the game is disabled. You have open the terminal or open run using ALT+F2 and type ceferinosetup to access the setup. 

The game is short lived and there is no save feature.
But I can say that I enjoyed playing this game.


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