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Games for Linux - Lugaru HD

Do you love playing games? If you are using Linux you might have been feeling bad about the scarcity of nice games in Linux. Well, here's a nice game for you! It's Lugaru, a game about a rabbit with combat skills.
Lugaru is the first commercial game by Wolfire Games. Lugaru's main
character is Turner, an anthropomorphic rabbit with curiously well developed
combat skills. After seeing his family and friends murdered by wolf raiders he
embarks on a quest of revenge, only to uncover a deeper plot that threatens the
entire island. Using a wide variety of intuitive combat techniques, the player
combats wolves and hostile rabbits across three different landscapes
(grasslands, snow, desert). The game was released for Linux on August 26, 2005.

The game has two modes: story mode and challenges mode. In the story mode you    will play as Turner to avenge his family and friends. In the challenges mode you will have 14 challenges. It involves the player progressing through a series of fourteen maps with the goal of clearing them of all hostile creaturesThe game has decent graphics but the story is really short.

The default game controls are :

Left shift
Left mouse button (LMB)

Some special key combinations allow you to perform special attacks:
Jump higher
Rabbit kick
W + LMB ( When enemy is near)
Shift (When enemy is near)
Reverse enemy attack

After defeating an enemy, if he has a weapon like a knife or bo staff or sword you can pick it up b pressing 'Q' . The knife can be thrown by pressing 'Q'  and a character can carry two of them, but it is the weakest weapon of the three. The sword is very powerful and fast, but it is hard to find and incredibly easy to disarm. The staff is the strongest of the three, and can easily kill an enemy when it is down. However, the staff can break and can easily be reversed.

Lugaru also has a number of mods made by the many fans of the game. You can choose to download the "Lugaru Downloader" which gives you a list of all the Fan-made mods so far. Lugaru Downloader also extracts and backs up the files and installs the mod automatically, rather than forcing users to back up files themselves and risk errors and glitches.

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